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Swimming Pool Maintenance Ideas for Xmas

Summer is only weeks away and the recent hot weather has given us a glimpse of what to look forward to over the next few months. Aussies have a strong love affair with the water, whether it be hitting up the beach or taking a dip in their own swimming pool.

For those lucky enough to own a pool, it is crucial to look after it all year round, so it doesn't get rundown and lose its condition. Below are some helpful swimming pool maintenance ideas to keep your pool in tip top shape, so you, your family and your friends can enjoy it.

1. Maintain a consistent water level

During the hot summer months, a substantial amount of water is lost from the pool. This is highly due to evaporation but also from regular use such as swimming and splashing around. Because of this you should look to add at least 2 inches of water per week using the garden hose.

If the level keeps dropping, then the pool pump could be damaged or there may be a leak.  In this case, call All Seasons Pumps and one of our professional staff can address the problem.

2. Clean the filter

Possibly the most crucial thing to do when it comes to swimming pool maintenance. But they key is you don't want to clean the pool filter too often. Having a small volume of dirt in the pool filter is actually more efficient than a totally clean filter, because the dirt can trap other particles, which result in helping to remove debris from the water. On the flip side, too much dirt is a negative, thus ensure you find a happy medium.

3. Ensure a consistent pH level

The pH level in the water directly effects the health of your swimming pool. A good pH range is between 7.2 and 7.8 and anything outside of this will be too acidic or basic. To keep the pH at an optimal level, use pool chemicals such as pH up or pH down, which are available in our online store.

4. Have your pool heater serviced

Even if it is working, it is recommended you get your pool heater serviced occasionally. These don't require too much maintenance so having it looked at once every 2 years is fine. Calcium build up in the heater can sometimes prevent it from heating, and a service from an All Seasons Pumps professional will address this and any other potential issues. Using solar power for your heater can also reduce maintenance time and energy savings.

These are but a few ideas to maintain your swimming pool, and if you take them on board and look after your pool, it will be in good shape when you want to go for a swim. Have a good summer!



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+1 #2 william 2013-03-23 16:00
Swimming is a fun activity for all and a great exercise. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Maintaining a swimming pool is not an easy task. Various equipment is required to maintain a swimming pool, of which you seem to supply some nice options.
+2 #1 clarasmithh001 2012-12-25 16:40
Sounds great,
I really enjoy this reading, thanks for sharing.

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